Motion Graphics Trailer


This animation was created to coincide with COP26 in Glasgow. The New York Times Climate Hub brought influential leaders and thinkers together with the wider community to debate, discuss and discover climate change strategies.

Our task was to create an eye-catching trailer for the COP26 event to entice people to tune in, attend and pay attention.

We collaborated with the talented Jakob Trollback to create the trailer. Late night and early morning meetings with our Swedish friends were always enjoyable and imperative as creative collaboration was key to bringing this piece to life. Playing close attention to the typography and subtle movement of each scene ensured the final piece ticked all the boxes in terms of creativity and detail for NYT.

“This is amazing, wonderful delivery. I’m still gushing!”
Jakob Trollback – Founder


Client – The New Division / New York Times

Design, Direction & Animation – Soma Studios

Creative Director – Oz Smith

EP – Charlotte Parsons