Event Graphics


We were given the task to express the three conceptual pillars of the Ford China Design Center for their opening event.

Each pillar had a different ethos and abstract sense of movement to express.

Agility is about balletic and organic movement and the human flair of expression. We experimented with motion capture to use flowing movement as the trigger for particles and repeating shapes.

The Responsive pillar is about reacting surfaces and ramped movement. We brought this to life using layered displacement on various surfaces to trigger organic patterns, tactile textures and colours.

The Commanding third pillar uses predominantly forward driving movement towards different monolithic obelisks. The settings for these journeys are futuristic sci-fi landscapes.

The typography and Chinese logos were created during the R&D phase and we added them back into this director’s cut.


We wanted to be bold with our typography and design for this spot so we created bespoke logotypes for the English and Chinese design pillars of Agility, Responsive and Commanding.

This is an edit of the graphic design as a stand-alone animation for your viewing pleasure.


Client – Imagination Shanghai

Design, Direction & Animation – Soma Studios

Creative Director – Oz Smith

3D Artists – Drewe Clarke, Simon Bronson

Audio – VESHZA

EP – Charlotte Parsons